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Antique, Clock & Watch Auctions!


Welcome to Tom Harris Auctions!

The Link Between Your Property and Top Dollar!

We Are Open from 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday

Contact us at (641)754-4890

email: tom@tomharrisauctions.com

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Tom Harris Auctions

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Tom Harris Auctions Invites You to Our

Valentine’s Day Antique Pocket Watch Auction

Saturday, Feb. 14th, 2015, 10 A.M.

Featuring the Harold Strobel Estate of Minneapolis, MN Including

Over 600 Pocket Watches, Crystal Cabinets and Watch Parts!

Pocket Watches Including Hamilton: a RARE! 18K Masterpiece 23J 12S OF; 14K 17J 16S OF; 992B 21J 16S OF; 2 - 992 21J 16S OF; 922 MP 23J 12S OF; 2 - Grade 23 19J 16S OF Chronograph; GR936 23J 18S OF; 940 21J 18S OF; 993 21J 16S OF; 912 17J 12S OF; 2 - 974 17J 16S OF; 4992B 22J 16S OF 24 Hr Black Dial; 4992B 22J 16S OF 24 Hr Black Dial; 4992B 22J 16S OF; Ball/Hamilton M999 21J Official RR Standard 18S OF; Hampden: 17J 18S HC; 2 - Special Railway 23J 18S OF; Dueber Hampden No. 555 21J 16S OF; Howard 18K 15J 18S KW/KS HC; 14K 21J 12S OF in a Howard wooden box; Elgin: 11-17J 16S HC; BW Raymond 15J 18S KW HC; 571 BW Raymond 21J 16S OF; 14K H.Z. Culver 15J 18S HC; BW  Raymond 21J 16S OF; Illinois: 14K Sangamo 23J 16S HC; 14K 17J 16S OF; Bunn Special 21J 16S; Sangamo Special 21J 16S OF; Sangamo Special 23J 16S OF; 21 Ruby Jeweled Bunn Special 18S OF; Santa Fe Special 21J 12S OF; Waltham: Crescent Street 21J 16S OF; Premier 21J 16S OF; 7 - Vanguard 23J 16S OF; Vanguard 21J 18S; Vanguard 19J 16S OF; Riverside Secometer 21J 12S OF; Colonial Riverside 21J 12S OF; Ball/Waltham Commercial Standard 17J 16S OF; South Bend: Studebaker 21J 16S OF;  2 Studebaker 21J 12S OF; 3 - No 429 19J 12S OF; Other Watches Including RARE! A. Lunser Berlin Pair Case Split Second Chronometer; Reuge Musical Animated 57MM; Chs. Tissot & Fils 17J Skelentonized 57MM Minute Repeater; Ingersoll Big Bad Wolf & Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Fob; Rockford 17J Iroquois 16S OF; Ingraham New York to Paris Airplane Model 932; Ansonia Sun Watch in Original Box; Marion J.W. Deacon 11-15J 18S HC; 2 Marion Watch Co 11-17J 18S HC; 14K Hunting Case Repeating; 14K 42MM Chronograph; 18K Tiffany & Co.  Agassiz 21J 36MM; Swiss Chronometer with Phono-Telemeter; Antique Russian .875 Silver 23J 42MM HC; Breitling Crosswind Man’s Chronometer in Original Box; More Watches to Be Sold in Individual and Group Lots! Parts & Cabinets Including Watchmaker’s Bench With Drawers & Tools; Cleaning Machine; Quartz Watch Tester; Multi-Drawer Metal and Wood Crystal Cabinets; Factory Issued Waltham Wooden Parts Cabinet; Bulova & Elgin Parts Cabinets With Parts; 50 Drawer Parts Cabinet P.W. Parts Companies Sorted by Size; Cast Iron Lathe Treadle; Wood and Metal Machinists Chest with Parts; 3 Lathes and Colletts; Jewel Setting Tools; Pocket Watch and Wrist Watch Cases; Ring Sizer; Rolling Mill; 30 plus Drawers of Glass Pocket Watch Crystals; Dental Cabinet; Buffer and Much More!   

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This Auction is Now Posted on www.Invaluable.com 

If You Cannot Attend Our Auction In Person Register and Bid Live Online at www.Invaluable.com


Please note - Marshalltown is the host of a state-wide swim meet on the weekend of the 14th. If you plan on staying overnight you will need to make your reservations immediately to ensure you get a room!

Thank You


Upcoming Auction - Date Coming Soon 

Including Overshot Epergne in Silverplate Holder; Decorative Drinking Horns; Boerenjongens Punch Bowl; Figural Napkin Rings & Knife Holders; China Jam Jars; Cracker Jars; Apothecary Jars; Sapphire Ring; Antique Scent Bottles; Walt Disney Snow White Figurines; Jasperware; Milk Glass Hens; Purple Slag Glass; Caramel Glass; Danish Modern Teaset; Shell Needle Sets; European Cutback Crystal; Art Glass Vases; Victorian Glass Pitchers; Dugan Frit Glass; Vintage Cookie Jars; Copper Luster Ware and More.

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More Upcoming Auctions!

Information Will Be Posted Soon, No Dates Set!

500 Hummel Collectibles

Antiques & Antique Lamp Auction

95th Semi-Annual Gene Harris

Antique Clock & Pocket Watch Auctions

Friday, May 1st & Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Over 800 Antique Clocks and Pocket Watches

In Two Big Days! Call to Consign Today! 

DSC_0033.JPG (136449 bytes) 8-Ad Shots_15.JPG (36110 bytes) 8-Ad Shots_2.JPG (50007 bytes)8-Ad Shots_28.JPG (40187 bytes) 8-Ad Shots_23.JPG (33927 bytes) 

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We Are Still Accepting Consignments For This Auction! 

Call 641-754-4890 to Talk to Tom!

   Doug_1A.jpg (58559 bytes) Doug_2.jpeg (96604 bytes) Doug_4.jpeg (69411 bytes) Doug_9.JPG (946612 bytes)

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter with a heavy heart, my longtime employee and close family friend Doug Poffenberger has been suddenly stricken with a terminal form of a rare blood cancer (Multiple Myeloma, Stage 3). This disease has hit hard and fast and as in most cases it has been and will continue to be a huge financial burden on Doug and his family.  

Doug and his family are facing a 250 mile round trip to the hospital per visit for 2 years while they fight this disease. They are telling Doug that he will be placed in the hospital for multiple visits of 6 to 15 days and at least 2 - 30 day visits for stem cell replacement. This means his wife, Heather will have huge costs in lodging and travel expenses as well as daily food expense on the road. At the same time Heather is losing most of her income while she travels with and spends time with her husband.  

Doug is 41 years old and was just diagnosed with this disease; Doug and Heather have a 10 year old daughter, Emma and 2 boys Justin & Ian actively serving in our U.S. Military; Ashton a 13 year old stepson and Acelyn a 12 year old stepdaughter.. Doug is a great guy with a good soul and a great attitude in life and has always been a hard worker and devoted to supporting his family by working hard for me daily so he could do just that.  

We at Tom Harris Auctions are asking for your support!  Doug and his family need thousands of dollars today, and many more thousands in the future so they can have money to live on. They will need money to cover daily expenses, Doctor & hospital bills, medicine, travel and living expenses, and house payments. Last year they put all they had into buying their first home and the mortgage goes on in spite of Doug having no income. .  

Please, if you can find it in your heart we are asking you to please write us a check. We need to raise thousands of dollars to be able to even put a dent in this situation. Please give what you can, we appreciate anything you can do to help.  

Another option and opportunity to help our friend Doug is to donate items for us to sell in an upcoming auction which all proceeds from your item(s) will go to Doug and his family. For example, I, Tom Harris am going to donate some clocks, dolls and other items to sell in the auction with the proceeds all being given to Doug and Heather. If you wish, you could send us a lamp, toy, clock, watch or anything to sell in an auction and I will pay for all marketing and give 100% to the cause.  

We need fast action, Doug is in big trouble. Please send as much as you can afford to this cause to Tom Harris Auctions or call Tom or his staff to discuss your donation of antiques or collectibles to this truly worthy cause. Doug is Good People! And good people sometimes need good people to help them out of horrible situations.  

I hope I have not offended anyone by writing this letter and reaching out to my friends and customers, but I know most Antiquers are good people too; and good people have to stick together.  

All and any donations are greatly appreciated and if you want to send Doug a card send it here and we will get it to him. I am sure he will appreciate your thoughts and best wishes. Thank You for your Support!

Tom Harris, Tom Harris Auctions

 Please make all checks payable to Heather Poffenberger,

And send to Tom Harris Auctions, 203 S 18th Avenue, Marshalltown, IA 50158  

641-754-4890   Email: tom@tomharrisauctions.com  

Keep tabs on how Doug is doing at www.facebook.com/helpdougpoffenberger!


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LiveAuctioneers.com and trade papers.


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We look forward to your involvement this year.